Skid Mounted Supplies

In addition to undertaking EPCC projects; PDIL also caters to the requirements of Exploration and Production Companies by offering production and processing equipment, on supply basis. Most of these equipments are skid mounted and ready for installation at site.

PDIL has a dedicated team for these supply jobs and is committed to provide the best services to its clients both in quality and in terms of timely deliveries.

Our core capabilities of designing, engineering and procurement are fully utilized in order to exceed client expectations, the evidence of which is described below, for some of the selected equipment supplied to our valued clients.

  • HP, LP, MP Separator
  • Propane Storage Vessel
  • Amine Regeneration Tower & Reboiler
  • Three Phase Separator
  • Muffle Furnace & Burner Assembley
  • Three Phase Test Separator
  • Fuel Gas Skid
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